Nova Scotia Branch Awards 2004

Awards were presented at the May 15, 2004 Awards Dinner. Download the Powerpoint Presentation.

Summary of Nova Scotia Branch Award Recipients
Gail McGlynn-Tuttle Memorial Practitioner AwardCharmaine Cooke
Ann E. (Betty) O'Toole AwardJennifer Turple
Pharmaceutical Partners of Canada Continuing Education Grant (by draw)Judy McPhee
Stephanie Sernyk
Dr. J.G. Duff Appreciation AwardShelley Richard
Branch Appreciation AwardCatherine Dion
Ann Thompson
Sabex Continuing Education Grant (by draw)Donna Wheeler-Usher
Derrick Gray
Novopharm Educational GrantHeather Lummis
Retirement Recognition AwardDennis Leith


National CSHP Awards to Nova Scotia Members
Isabel E. Stauffer Meritorious Service AwardDonna Wheeler-Usher
Aventis AwardAndrea Kent and Ingrid Sketris
Trends in Fluoroquinolone Use in Nova Scotia Hospitals and Effects of Hospital Policies on Utilization