Clinical Experience Program Recipient

Clinical Experience Program Recipient 2014

Congratulations to Melanie MacInnis, who is the 2014 clinical experience program recipient. Melanie joined the pharmacy team at the IWK in September 2013 as a clinical coordinator and chief of pharmacy practice. She has been involved with CSHP at both the branch level, serving as NSCP representative and member of the education committee, and nationally with her role as chair of the Surgery PSN.

Melanie is currently working to develop the role of a pharmacist in the pediatric emergency department at the IWK. As a part of the clinical experience program, Melanie will spend a week with Ms Danica Irwin, a pharmacy leader in Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). With this mentorship experience, Melanie aims to apply principles of emergency medical management and primary care to the pediatric population at the IWK. She will develop priority areas for PEM pharmacist involvement and development, determine outcome measures to characterize success of the newly developed PEM pharmacist role, establish links with other PEM pharmacists across the country and begin to assess the impact of a PEM pharmacist on patient centered and quality outcomes.